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What Your Feet Say About Your Health

Are Your Dogs Barkin’? They may be telling you something about your health. Did you know that our feet, combined, contain a quarter of the body’s bones? Every joint, tendon, muscle, ligament, nerve, and blood vessel is linked to the heart, brain, and spine. Why wouldn’t the condition of our feet be a solid indicator of everything else going on above the ankle? The feet can be the most powerful messengers—particularly for people with diabetes or those at risk of other diseases or

Use It Or Lose It: Have You Met Your Deductible?

Whether you want to believe it or not (and none of us do), the end of the year is fast approaching. Yikes! This means the holidays are going to be upon us and we will find ourselves at our absolute busiest! But, this also means that deductibles and maximums expire soon! As you know, we work with patients throughout the annual insurance coverage period to design care plans that fit within your budget and benefit plan. In many cases, we see

Ask the Doc: What does a foot doctor do?

Many patients have a perception of the podiatrist as the doctor who freezes plantar warts and fixes bunions. While these things do happen in our office, did you know that the foot doctor is the professional to call in the case of ankle pain or after a foot injury? A podiatrist, also known as a doctor of podiatric medicine, is a physician who is specializes in treating disorders of the foot and ankle. Patients of all ages come to see

Vionic Footwear: Comfort + Style

Your Foot Doctors is proud to present our newest line of products: Vionic Footwear! If you’re a patient, or you’ve been to a foot doctor, you’ve been told, “Those shoes are not giving you the proper arch support!” For those “slaves to fashion” out there, we now have a solution to maintaining a healthy arch and foot support while looking fantastic from head to toe.   Introducing Vionic Footwear for Men and Women Check out the latest designs, from beachwear

Introducing Dr.’s Remedy

We’ve long been fans of pretty painted toes, however, with the color often comes dry, brittle nails. For years, podiatrists have seen patients suffer from stained, yellowed, and papery thin nails that have been damaged through spa pedicures and harsh chemicals from polish. Now, we are proud to present Dr.’s Remedy: Enriched Nail Care, a health solution to nail polish. No more masking yellow toenails. No more clear polish! You no longer have to sacrifice fashion and color for medical

Diabetes: 5 Winter Foot Care Tips

Whether you suffer from Diabetes or not, foot care during the colder months is essential; however, for those with Diabetes, threats including poor sensation and reduced circulation may be concerning. Below are five tips for extra special care during the winter months: Amp up your daily foot inspection. For anyone suffering from Diabetes, we always encourage a daily inspection of both feet. Look for any cuts or blisters in the skin and changes in skin color. Wearing white socks is

Baby Foot is now available at Your Foot Doctors

Treat Yourself to Baby Soft Feet for the Holidays Your Foot Doctors is pleased to announce that we now carry Baby Foot: A Simple Way to Baby Soft Feet. As you know, we are not always the biggest advocates for salon pedicures due to some of the sanitary risks they carry. We now offer a solution to getting those soft feet without the hassle and the risks for infection. Treat yourself to one of the most ground-breaking, popular at-home foot

Can I get by with a foot insert or do I need an orthotic?

Patients often allow pain and discomfort to effect their foot, ankle, leg, and back for much longer than necessary. We all (even doctors) may first resort to convenient and inexpensive solutions to manage the pain based on what we have read online or discussed with a family member or friend. However, in the case of chronic pain, ibuprofen and gel inserts may not cut it. And, in the long run, these are temporary bandaids to the problem at hand. What

Tips to Consider Before Your Next Pedicure

As podiatrists, we err on the side of caution when it comes to our patients getting manicures and pedicures. We know that no one likes to hear this, particularly during sandal season when the tootsies are out! While we are most certainly advocates for maintenance, great hygiene, and yes, even a luxurious day away from the kids, we would be remiss if we neglect to tell you about the risks of going to an unsanitary spa. Often, lurking in these

Got Cold Feet?

It may be your wedding day… or more likely it’s just winter time in Ohio again, and the freezing temperatures will surely leave you with “cold feet.” In general, experiencing cold feet is simply a natural response of the body. Just as we put on a coat and pair of boots to keep warm, our body regulates its own temperature by restricting bloodflow to structures, like hands, toes, feet, etc. in order to help keep internal organs warm. However, prolonged